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Comenius Woche

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In der Woche vom 22.-26.10.2007 kamen Vertreter der Partnerschulen unseres Comenius Projekts zu einem administrativen Treffen nach Wettin und Halle. Hier der Bericht über diese Tage in englischer Sprache, da sie als gemeinsame Kommunikationsplattform dient.

Comenius Project
Report (Administrative Meeting, October 22nd – 26th)

Monday, October 22nd

In the afternoon, the headmaster (Terje Nass) and the coordinator (Jarl-Havard Borgen) of the Norwegian school and the headmistress (María José Toledo) and an English teacher (Rocio Muñoz) of the Spanish school arrived at Halle. Due to problems on the tracks in France, the French coordinator (Sylvie Schmidt) and a PE teacher (Joelle Grandclément) had to reorganize their train connections and arrived much later than planned, at about midnight.
So, unfortunately, the first meeting, a barbecue evening at Carola Winkler’s (an English teacher) house, took place without the French guests. At that meeting we got to know the new colleagues of our project. This was especially important as the headmaster and coordinator of the Spanish school had changed.
Back at the hotel in Halle, the members could finally welcome the French teachers, too.

Tuesday, October 23rd

The day started with a trip by car from the hotel to Burg-Gymnasium Wettin. There the members of the project were officially welcome by the vice-headmistress of the school, Petra Mutschler.
Students of the participating classes (Year 9) then showed the guests round the school and the representatives took the chance to talk to students of other classes as well. Later the students invited their guests to a dinner they had prepared themselves. After that refreshment, Jarl-Havard asked the German Music teacher, Claudia Seidel, if he could take over one of her lessons in Year 11 to teach them Samba. She agreed and together they collected the necessary instruments. The lesson, we all took part in then, turned out to be an extraordinary one, demonstrating the boundless influence of music connecting people all over the world. It was great fun for everyone – students and teachers!
Meanwhile, the “Travelling Comenius Exhibition” the Norwegians had brought along had been built up by our students (Year 9). It will stay in the Luisenzimmer at Burg-Gymnasium until March 2008 and then be taken to Spain.
The rest of the afternoon was taken for reporting activities and discussing and planning further activities and programmes of this project, e.g. the visit in Spain in week 13, 2008.
The evening was spent in Halle, looking around the city centre and trying different German culinary specialities.

Wednesday, October 24th

The aim of this day was getting to know some more sights of the city of Halle. The “Neues Theater”, the “Markt” with all its sights including the “Marktkirche” and the oldest German chocolate factory “Halloren” were some of them. Of course, the guests also wanted to have a look at the shops, too.
In the evening we went to Löbejün, a town in the Saalekreis, to meet the mayor of this town and also a member of the Landtag of Saxony-Anhalt, Thomas Madl, who prepared a warm welcome for the members of the Comenius Project. He gave us a lot of information about his work and his town and showed us round. In private talks everyone had the opportunity to ask questions or come into a discussion.

Thursday, October 25th

A day in Berlin. We went by car to Berlin in order to meet the headmaster of Ernst-Abbe-Gymnasium in Neukölln and watch several lessons. This gave each of us the chance to compare our rural schools with an urban one. Afterwards we took a look round the City of Berlin and watched some famous sights such as the Deutsche Bundestag, the Memorial to the Murdered Jews of Europe, Potsdamer Platz, Museumsinsel with Pergamonmuseum and many more. Everything had been well organized by Reinhild Kaiser, a common friend some of us had met in the USA three years ago.
The Norwegians stayed in Berlin as their plane left the next day from there and the others returned to their hotel in Halle around midnight.

Friday, October 26th

All guests departed, hopefully with a lot of good impressions, newly learned things and nice memories.